How To Winterize Your Garage

For those who care for an outdoor cat, having a suitable outdoor cat shelter is important. If the existing garage door operates fine and looks good from outdoors, adding insulation panels and a bottom seal is effective. A simpler and very efficient option is installing an Owen-Corning ( ) garage door insulation kit. It has retaining clips which stick to the door and white R-8 vinyl-backed insulation. In areas where severe storms are common, some steel doors are wind-rated for rigidity.

In the warm months, when you want to hang in your garage for some gaming, a little pool or to get some crafts done in your workshop you won't have to choke through blistering heat and humidity. If you have running water in your garage you will want to wrap all your faucets with plastic and foam pipe wrapping. Even if your garage door IS insulated, if you don't have the proper seal on the garage door in place, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. If you want the benefits of design, economy, energy efficiency and low maintenance, you should strongly consider a steel garage door.

It's a disc you heat up in the microwave for a few mintues & it stays warm for several hours. I recommend having at least 2 - one in use for the night and then in the morning, you heat the other one up and use the newer, warm one for the daytime. Also very good information on how to build winter shelters for cats, but also has great info on other alternatives for shelters, insulation, and what to do in extreme cold. The bottom line is - love and patience are the major factors in whether or not you gain the cats trust.

Conversely, hot climates often cause the door to expand and warp, causing the door to stick in the summer and shrink in the winter, leaving gaps that will compromise the efficiency of your insulation and garage door insulation central heating. Steel entry doors are a great option where security and durability are your primary concerns, deterring criminals and resisting anything that the elements can throw at your home, even a harsh Canadian winter or a Florida hurricane. Vinyl doors are possibly the ugliest option, and they are difficult to individualize with door embellishments.

But here in Romania (Europe) we have to protect against cold not hot days and nights, and in my case I mounted same kind of foil but with the metalic face inside and without air gap, glued on the metallic door panels. Works like charm with the condition to have also a rubber or foam gasket across door contour. Depending on how long ago it was foam would have been cheaper so he might have done the more expensive project.

Then picture you opening the door & taking the cat into your arms & taking him back inside. I wrapped the inner container with R-13 wall/ceiling insulation (sold in rolls and made of fiberglass), then sealed the gap at the door with the foam insulation (in a spray can) to keep our cat from coming in contact with the fiberglass. I haven't put anything over the door yet, but was thinking of adding the clear plastic that was suggested earlier, to keep the wind out. I really like the idea of the R-13 insulation between the 2 plastic totes & the spray foam insulation to seal the gaps & keep your cat from contacting the fiberglass.

Polystyrene will insulate better than reflective foil insulation, but it can be more difficult to work with due to its rigidity. Using a straightedge, measure out the dimensions of a single garage door panel on a sheet of the insulation, marking the dimensions with a pen. It may also cause the door to drop uncontrolled if you release the door from the opener.

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