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I think that it is more probable than not to raise it to $15, but what how will that help the country? The companies after merger decrease the staff keeping only the skilled labor, work with a single managing director, CEO etc. College needs to change from higher education to finding jobs in a country that has lost most of its traditional jobs to other countries. Act prohibits the chairman of the board from being appointed as the Managing Directors or CEO of the company unless the articles of association provides otherwise or in situation where company has multiple business and each such business is headed by an independent CEO.

For example, if you have multiple product Mergers lines, you may find combining a product and geographic organizational structure allows you to move employees and resources quickly based on changing customer demand. It has not been the actual policy of inward investment which has been problematic, rather the lack of targeting which meant that new jobs were more important than any other strategic consideration, such as the type of employment created, the sectors attracted, and the future of those industries in a quickly globalising economy.

Acquisitions may be in the nature of assets/business take over, acquiring controlling stake or strategic alliance. Walter Hasselkus, the German manager of Rover after the merger, was respectful of the Rover's existing culture that he failed to impose the much stricter BMW ethos, and, ultimately lost his position. As starters, mangers should keep in mind not to de-motivate employees especially during economic downturns, since research has shown that employees usually are willing to do their best at their jobs yet fail due to several factors that hinder their effort and hence, de-motivated in the long run.

In cases of mergers and acquisitions, an acquirer or any other entity would be considered to be gaining control of the target company if it fulfills the bright line tests with regard to acquisition of voting rights, control over operations and influence in board decisions. Actually while jobs in the government may be lost, the government is at an obese and ineffective level today, and getting worse. Prominent among these is the apparent obsession of almost all news channels with celebrity culture which centres on Bollywood ( Thussu, 2008 ).

Leading mergers and acquisitions experts will educate and provide lawyers an in-depth analysis of important and current issues in corporate M&A at the UCLA School of Law Second Annual Institute on Corporate, Securities, and Related Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions. Most eyes are set on big companies with strong drug development channels and low chances of patent expirations, but the real value behind these mergers is still unknown, as, in the past, they have not shown important additional value in terms of R&D productivity.

Mergers have been accorded the highest priority at the second Gyan Sangam, the government's annual banking conclave that's scheduled to be held in the first week of March. It is based on the belief that investing in existing human resources will result in higher future returns in the short and long run and help build and sustain competitive advantage as employees grow in symbiosis within the organization.

Mergers are more equitable in the sense that generally two similar sized companies combine. Those discussions did not result in regulatory changes, but had a negative impact on certain cross-border mergers. Sherman Act: The Supreme Court ruled that all mergers between directly competing firms constituted a combination in restraint of trade and that they therefore violated Section 1 of the Sherman Act. When it comes to expertise in mergers and acquisitions, there are only a few professional associations that provide education in the United States. Projected outcomes are the source of resolution of culture and leadership clash.

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